The Landfield Drive Residents Association will be holding an Annual General Meeting (AGM) for Landfield Drive property owners at 3pm on Saturday 1st September 2018.

A conference room has been booked to host the meeting at Regus (next door to Liberation Bus Station). This will be the first meeting held by the LDRA in approximately 4 years, and as the matters due to be discussed may have a possible financial implications on Landfield Drive property owners it is advised that a representative from each of the 27 properties attends in order to discuss and vote on them.

The meeting will be held to discuss the following: 

  1. Election of a new committee.
  2. Parking Issues on the Estate.
  3. Estate Roadway Repair and required Funds to pay for it.
  4. Rental units Landlords responsibilities.
  5. New Estate Signage & Repainting & Road Markings and parking bays
  6. Estate Maintenance, Upkeep & Management.
  7. Property Owners monthly subscription payments.

Landfield Drive property owners will be discussing the above matters along with any other suggested topics at the meeting. We will be discussing and voting on financial matters that will effect all property owners. As these matters will affect you as a Landfield Drive property owner, it is advised that you attend in order to provide input and place your vote. Decisions will be made based on a majority vote.

In order to gauge how many will be attending, please can you email to let us know if you will or will not be attending by no later than Friday 17 August. You can also let us know at the same time of any topics you wish to be discussed at the meeting that are not already mentioned above.