Landfield Drive Parking Registration

The Landfield Drive parking permit system was implemented by Landfield Drive property owners in 2018 in order to regulate parking on the estate. The parking permit system is a register of resident vehicles that allows us to identify resident and non resident vehicles that use our parking facilities. We regularly encounter non resident cars that use our estate as free parking, which prevent residents from being able to use our communal parking. Our permit system allows us to identify and remove those vehicles.

Residents must register all vehicles they keep on the estate for a parking permit.


There nine available communal parking spaces on Landfield Drive which are co-owned by all 27 properties on the estate. Individual properties do not have exclusive ownership of these parking spaces, or the right to make decisions regarding their use without the permission of the other 26 co-owning properties.

In order to allow fair and equal access in 2019 the Landfield Drive property owners implemented a 48 hour time limit for the use of any one parking space and banned long term storage of unused vehicles on the communal parking bays.


• Parking Permits are required to use the communal parking bays.

• Permits are for Landfield Drive residents only.
They may not be requested for non residents.

• Permits are non transferable.
If you change your vehicle you must apply for a new permit.

• 48 hour time limit in any one communal parking space.
This is to allow fair rotation and access to other residents.

• Long term parking and storage of unused vehicles in the communal parking bays is strictly prohibited.


Your tenants are in a financial arrangement with you to rent your Landfield Drive property and the one or two parking spaces on, or directly outside your property. You do not have exclusive ownership of the communal parking bays on the estate and should not be including its use as additional full time parking for your rental unit in exchange for financial gain through rental income, or without gaining permission to do so from the other co-owners.

Landlords are responsible for ensuring their tenants are fully aware of this and should stipulate the maximum number of vehicles your tenants are permitted to keep at your rental unit.


You are in a financial arrangement with your landlord to rent his property and the use of one or two parking spaces, ether on, or directly outside that property.  The 9 communal parking spaces on the estate are co-owned by your landlord and the other 26 Landfield Drive properties on the estate. The other 26 properties are not in a rental arrangement with you and do not give you permission to use their share of the communal parking as additional full time parking for your rental unit. Should tenants be found to be using the communal parking as full time parking for extra vehicles complaints will be made to their landlord.

Landfield Drive
Parking Permit
Application Form

You must be a Landfield Drive resident to apply for a parking permit.

The LDRA will send the permits to the property they are requested for.

Permits issued this year will be valid until 31 December 2023.

If you are a tenant of a Landfield Drive property you must provide your landlords name and contact details when applying for a permit.

Click here if you require an additional Parking Permit

Contacting the LDRA about parking issues on the estate.

If you wish to contact the committee regarding parking problems on the estate, please click the link to send an email:

Click here to email LDRA about parking issues.

Landfield Drive Parking Rules & Regulations

  • Rule 1. Each Landfield Drive property owns an equal 1/27th share of the 9 Communal Parking facilities.
  • Rule 2. Individual property owners do not have legal claim to sole use of any communal parking space. 
  • Rule 3. Residents are not allowed to prevent the other residents from having access to the communal parking.
  • Rule 4. Offering the use of the communal parking as part of a rental unit lease agreement is not permitted.
  • Rule 5. Offering full time use of, or renting of Landfield Drive parking spaces to non residents is not permitted.
  • Rule 6. Long term storage of unused vehicles in the communal parking bays is not permitted. 
  • Rule 7. The maximum permitted stay in any one parking space is now limited to 48 hours.
  • Rule 8. Large commercial vehicles are not permitted to park on the estate.
  • Rule 9. Out of boundary parking is not permitted.
  • Rule 10. Allowing your visitors to park their vehicles on neighbours properties is not permitted.
  • Rule 11. A rental value of £300 per month has been set for each of the nine communal parking space.
  • Rule 12. Each property is provided with two parking permits. Additional permits must be applied for and will only be granted with the approval of the other 26 property owners.

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