WhenLandfield Drive was built in the 1960’s the parking provided on the estate for each property was calculated based on most families having one vehicle. Times have changed, vehicles are bigger and most homes now have more than one vehicle and as a result, parking on the estate can at times be fairly limited.

There are nine official communal parking spaces available on the estate, two available on the slope at the entrance, three at the side of No 17 by the steps up to Landfield Court, and four more by the side of No 1 Landfield Drive. These parking spaces are jointly owned by all 27 properties on the estate and each property should have fair and equal access to the communal parking bays.

Individual properties do not have claim to sole ownership of these communal parking spaces and residents may not prevent other residents from being able to use them.

In order to avoid confusion regarding paring on the estate property owners have created and agreed to the the following rules regarding parking on the estate.

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Parking Permit Application Form

Each Landfield Drive Property is entitled to two parking permits and one visitor parking permit. If you require an additional parking permit you must petition the LDRA committee to obtain one. The committee members are all 27 Landfield Drive property owners.
There is an additional monthly parking fee for each additional parking permit that you required. You will be advised of this fee if your permit request is approved.
Please complete the following form to request an additional parking permit.

2019 Landfield Drive

Additional Parking Permit Request

Complete the form and we will send to you a parking permit to place in your vehicle.

This permit will be valid until April 2020.

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Contacting the LDRA about parking issues on the estate.

If you wish to contact the committee regarding parking problems on the estate, please click the link to send an email:

Click here to email LDRA about parking issues.

Landfield Drive Parking Rules & Regulations

  • Rule 1. Each Landfield Drive property owns an equal 1/27th share of the 9 Communal Parking facilities.
  • Rule 2. Individual property owners do not have legal claim to sole use of any communal parking space. 
  • Rule 3. Residents are not allowed to prevent the other residents from having access to the communal parking.
  • Rule 4. Offering the use of the communal parking as part of a rental unit lease agreement is not permitted.
  • Rule 5. Offering full time use of, or renting of Landfield Drive parking spaces to non residents is not permitted.
  • Rule 6. Long term storage of unused vehicles in the communal parking bays is not permitted. 
  • Rule 7. The maximum permitted stay in any one parking space is now limited to 48 hours.
  • Rule 8. Large commercial vehicles are not permitted to park on the estate.
  • Rule 9. Out of boundary parking is not permitted.
  • Rule 10. Allowing your visitors to park their vehicles on neighbours properties is not permitted.
  • Rule 11. A monetary value of £300 per month has been set for each of the nine communal parking space.
  • Rule 12. Each property will now only be granted two parking permits. Additional permits must be applied for and will only be granted with the approval of the other 26 property owners.

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