This car has been parked in this same parking spot for approximatley 8 years and belongs to Mr Healey, the owner of No 1 Landfield Drive. The LDRA have written to Mr Healey several times asking him to remove the vehicle. Mr Healey has failed to respond to our written requests and refuses to remove this car.

The communal parking spaces are jointly owned by all 27 properties and Mr Healey does not have claim to sole ownership of this parking space. Mr Healey is wilfully preventing all other residents from having access to this parking space whilst having a second available parking space on his own property that could accommodate this car.

We ask all Landfield Drive property owners to email us providing your name, property number and request that Mr Healey removes his car from the communal parking. We will then send Mr Healey a written request listing all the property owners who require this cars removal. We will also state that should he choose to leave his car there we will be each be charging him £150 per month rental for our share of that, or any other communal parking space he leaves this car on.